Thursday, September 30, 2010

Side tracked and on one rail

So I decided since my last blog in May that I would just "discover what the world has to offer" . What in the world was I thinking! I've since left my job of nine years and am employed by another company. A company that I am now assisting the big wigs! Is that the best choice for me???????? Assisting the "big- wigs, head honchos... or whatever you call them? Granted they are all very nice (to only those that I've encountered) When I said the word "Discover", I'm sure as heck that it did not mean discover my career in slightly off track but same profession?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anyone loving their career choice?

So I've come to this perdicament of loving what you do... I don't think that I have found what I love and am wondering how in the world would you know what you were meant to do? I want to love what I do. Stuck in a job for nine years and come to find out that my hours were reduced and my pay was slashed to three days I'm starting to think that my decission of career choices was not so bright. Architecture! Prestigous, professional, creative, design oriented.... more like..... under paid work labor, glued to the desk to work 12 hours with no overtime pay when economy is rough...... Much respect to all of the successful architects out there. I think it's time to discover what the world has to offer......