Friday, April 29, 2011

Recap of my progress.... (TMI)

This is just a recap of what my body is telling me... Would I understand this... not really and nor would I expect anyone else to.... I just needed to write everything down just make sense of the madness and hope that this will help other ladies that are going through a similar situation....
(Do not read any if you can't handle graphic details...)

My recap......
03.03.11 - had a natural miscarriage
03.11.11 - HCG=220; The bleeding stops

03.18.11 - started spotting
03.21.11 - HCG=19
03.25.11 - Started to temp; the spotting stops

04.08.11 - HCG=0; The spotting starts
04.10.11 - Considered as first day of cycle (much heavier then normal)
04.29.11 to present - Still spotting and worried... why is this spotting still here? (Don't answer that)

05.20.11 - First day on birth Control Pills (Beyaz)...
05.23.11 - Spotting stops... That's right... you followed that right.. I was spotting for about three weeks till this point....

06.08.11 -My cycle starts off very light
06.13.11 - My cycle is medium (I considered this day to be my start of the Flow)
06.15.11 - My cycle starts to be heavy
06.17.11 - Started my second month of BCP (Beyaz)
06.19.11 - Last day of my cycle

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It should have been me...

I don't like to talk about someone's happy moment as a negative but to put things in perspective.... "It should have been me..."
I got a text from my sister-in-law saying that she got the results from her blood test and said that she was at 10 weeks and everything looks healthy! That's definitley good to hear but a month and half ago at my ten weeks I was in pain and on the ground going through my loss. I thought that I had a grasp on my feelings but it keeps on resurfacing.... It really hurts...

Friday, April 15, 2011

There really are nice people out there!

Today I was feeling a bit gloomy... I decided that a nice cup of Hot chocolate would make my day! I waited in line to pay for my order and this really nice gentleman in front of me had this great big smile on his face. He had that vibe around him that just makes you want to smile as well! He exchanged very nice words to the clerk and then to me and then it was a nice little pow wow of compliments back and forth among three of us.... What a great personality.... It's nice to know that there are really nice people out there! Makes the world a much better place! My gratitude goes out to this nice fine man for making me leave the store with a great big Smile!

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's about time!

I finally made it to get my blood work done in order to find out if my levels are back to zero. Well I called the office and they said that my levels are indeed at ZERO! It's about time! Now I hope that my body works with me for my next sticky Bean!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've become obsessed!

I've been finding myself weighing in about 4 times a day. I was never one that weighed myself. I always used the "Pants Measure" technique where I would have that one special pant that I needed to always fit. If it became snug then I would need to lay off those Chocolate Cookies and all of those sweets that I love! Well needless to say that my "special" pants" has been pushed to the back of my closet and I'm obsessing over that .5" that I gained! What's a girl to do!!!!!! By the way.... I was supposed to get my blood drawn, for what I hope to be my last blood draw for a while, and for some reason the lab closed early that Friday (April 1st). Was this a joke on me? I'm kidding... I think it was the friday schedule..... Hopefully I get around to getting myself there. Cross your fingers and hope that my levels are at Zero!