My Fortune Cookie readings

So you eat Chinese food and then you get your fortune cookie readings after you had your meal.  What do you do with these fortunes?  I decided for the year 2011, starting from January, to document these fortunes just to see how meaningful these may be.....   Let's see what my fortune cookie has to say....

"You are an exciting and inspiring person"

"The greatest generosity is non-attachment"

"A rolling stone gathers no moss... but it obtains a certain polish"

"You smile, brings happiness to everyone you meet"
(This is typed exactly how it was printed...)

"Are your legs tired?  You been running through someone's mind ALL day long."
 (This is kind of a cheese ball pick up line...)

"Lies and sorrow may float through the air, but truth and happiness live inside yourself."

"Your courage will bring you honor" 
(I feel like this is so true!  Am I really saying this about a fortune cookie reading!)

"God looks after you especially" 
(He has a weird way of looking after me with what I've been through lately...)

"Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause" 

"A modest man never talks of himself"
(I must not be modest... :p .. and I'm definitely not a man... :p)

"You are a happy man"(... again with this man thing... )

"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier"(no comment)

"Suppose you can get what you want..." (is this a cruel joke?)

"You have an ability to sense and know higher truth"

" One minute of time worth more than one oz. of gold"

"Your qualities over shadow your weaknesses"

"You will soon be crossing the great waters"

"Never give up until you reach the finish line"

"Fearless courage is the foundation of victory."

"Learn to love by loving yourself first."

"Music is the soul of language"

"Your enthusiam towards work will soon pay off"