Monday, May 23, 2011

Who would have thought....Birth Control Pills....

While searching online to find someone in a similar situation as me I came up with zero. I know that some of the information that I post are personal and/ or graphic at times but would hope that this would help others that are lost as myself in the topic of "Trying To Conceive". Something just was not right when I was continuously spotting for about 6 weeks after miscarriage. I was hesitant to go see my doctor because I just thought that these "situation" would work it self out. Unfortunately not, so I made the appointment to figure out what was wrong with me and my system. Met with my Doctor on Friday (05.20.11) and without getting graphic I was still spotting. Everything however seemed to check out clear through the ultrasound and my HCG level was at zero. Which it should be. So the big question is why am I still spotting? He suggested that I should go on birth control pills (Beyaz) for about two month just so that I can regulate my cycle. I have never taken Birth Control Pills and think that maybe I should have been on this years ago to help my irregular cycle. I was told that the birth control pill would also stop the spotting within 4 days after the start of use. It is supposed to regulate the estrogen and the progesterone. It's my third day on the pill and I DO notice that the spotting is less and am hopeful that this is the solution to my goal of starting a family.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monitoring your Fertility?

So I came across this article that helps you (me) figure out how to figure out how this fertility charting works.....
This article was posted on WebMD at the following location:

BUT..... Here are a few points from that article that are good points to keep in mind....

A few things involved for fertility charting are:

  • Taking your basal body temperature,

  • Examinging your cervical mucas,

  • Noting when your menstrual period began and

  • Noting when you had sexual intercourse.

Tips for taking and understanding your BBT:

  • Begin taking your temperature on the first day of your period.

  • Take it about the same time everyday, preferably before you get out of bed in the morning.

  • Don't do anything-- eat, drink, smoke, or even move around before you take your temperature.

  • You can take your temperature however you want- orally, rectally, or vaginally- but make sure you use the same technique each time.

  • Write down your temperature every day on your fertility chart; you can make a graph with each day of your cycle on the bottom and temperature on the left, connecting the dots as you go.

  • Keep in mind that you will probably get some occasional freak readings - either high or low temperatures - that don't fit into the larger pattern. If they don't happen often, don't worry about them.
Days 1-5: Menstruation occurs
Days 6-9: Vagina is dry with little to no mucus
Days 10-12: Sticky, thick mucus appears, gradually becoming less thick and more white
Days 13-15: Mucus becomes thin, slippery, strechy, and clear, similar to the consistency of egg white whites. This is the most fertile stage.
Days 16-21: Mucus becomes sticky and thick again
Days 22-28: Vagina becomes dry

Keep in mind that your body cycle will probably differ from this pattern.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wanting to purchase Baby items lately....

Everywhere I go and almost everything that I look at are baby related. I've been craving to buy all of my baby gear now even though it's been almost a month and a half since my loss. Maybe it's jumping the gun but I'm still stuck with the baby bug. I came across a fellow blogger that has many contests and giveaways called "MamaBblog". Right now till the 20th of May you can enter to win a FuzziBunz one size Disposable diaper. Here's the site for you to check it out!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mama said what ?!?!?!??!

So I get a phone call from my mother and she asked about one of my childhood friends to see how she was doing... I said that she was good but then ask her "why?"... She wanted to know if she was pregnant yet... I said no... Then I asked that question again ....."why?" Her reason was that a majority of my friends were married after me and that a mojority of them already has kids and that I had zero.... REALLY MOTHER? It was the tone that it was said...

I told her that it's not that I could have done anything or could have controlled my miscarriage. I don't think she knew how much it hurts me for a comment to come my way....

It's not as easy as we all hoped it would be....