Friday, June 28, 2013

First Prenatal visit for Baby #2

So I had my first prenatal visit the other day. They did a pap smear for me because I was due for one and they said that the first prenatal visits they do one.... Then the midwife did a vaginal exam and asked me if my last menstral was regular?
I said
"...Well not exactly... My regular flow was April 2nd but then I spotted on May 16th for about 3-4 days but light brown not even a heavy flow. But I tested with an OPK on May30th and there was a positive "smile face" on my test to say I was ovulating... Then I tested on June 10 and the pregnancy test was negative but then waited till June 12th and tested positive!"
She told me that she could feel my uterus... apparently at the stage I was at in the pregnancy you should not be able to feel it yet. She said that it can be multiple things... My body didn't finish healing after baby 1... I could be further along then I think... I could be carrying twins!!!!
I have to get my blood tested today along with the progeterone test... then make another appt to see her in a week or two to discuss results...
It's a bit odd...
I forgot what she had said it was called... a tilted uterus.. an inverted uterus... something along those lines...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Leo just got promoted to "Big Brother"

I decided to tell DH indirectly that we are expecting a second baby by spelling out "Ma is Prego" on the alphabet mat.... (couldn't really figure out another way to phrase it since I had only one of each letter to work with..... )
So this morning he walks down and I had Leo on the mat... My husband walk back and forth.. on the mat and played with Leo a bit... Stood up and I took the picture saying I needed to take more pictures of baby and daddy....
He had no Clue!!!
So that night... I had to make subtle hints about how colorful the mat makes the room... I even made remarks about how Leo knows how to pop out the letters from the mat to make him look... still no idea.. Then I rearranged the letters to say "IM PREGO" and spaced the gap between them wider so that it looks like two words.. still oblivious.. THEN I seperated the words from the mat completely and pushed them to the middle of the hall and as he walked by he shoved them to the side to walk through because Leo normally rips the mats apart. I said to him you're not going to put the mat back together? Then he pieced the mats back together AND STILL NO IDEA!!!!! I shook my head and told him to look what he did.... then he finally realized!!! Not really how I imagined it would be like but he was excited about it.... I was laughing so hard that tears came out of my eyes!!!! Such a goof! Maybe mixed with emotions of being excited with him as well!
Now he looks back at the pictures and laughs every time!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My little baby is growing up so fast!

So Leo is a little more then 10 month!  He has hit so many milestones which I feel is right on the mark for his stage right now.  So far he's learned to climb stairs, use his pincher grips to feed himself his puffs, recognizes objects and gets them, walks with his push walker, sleeps through the night from 8pm to 6am ish!
I'm so proud of my little baby boy.