Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Leo started walking!

My little boy is growing up so fast!  His Birthday week has started and there is so much to do!  He's reached a lot of his one year milestones and to top it all off he is just so determined to get up and walk... When he would fall he would pull himself up and start walking more steps... to the point that he took 16 whole steps all on his own!  Mommy and daddy are so proud!
All this before the Big One year!

Had my 1st ultrasound for baby #2!

On August 5, 2013 I had my first ultrasound which actually was for the Nuchal Translucency screening (a scan that helps determine the risk of baby having Down Syndrome).  Baby was so cooperative and was wiggling all over the place... I don't think Leo was this wiggly at this stage.  Baby #2 measured right where he/she needed to be at 11 weeks and 4 days with a heart beat rate of 161.  This is a really good sign because baby is growing at a good steady pace.  I tried to ask the ultrsound tech to give me a little sneak peek at the gender and to see where the placenta was attached to decide the gender according to the Ramzi Theory.  This theory is simple but should really be used around the 6 week ultrasounds.  If the placenta is attached to the left then it is girl and to the right is boy.  Be careful though... based on my web search I found a fellow poster that stated this....(Depending on which style of u/s you had done, can change the results. If you had an abdominal ultrasound, it is mirrored. So if your placenta is on the right, that actually means it's on the left (which would indicate GIRL). If your placenta is on the left, that means it's actually on the right (Which would indicate BOY).
If you had a transvaginal u/s, everything is exactly how it is in your uterus, so left placenta = GIRL and right placenta = BOY)

Bummer that my tech wasn't really cooporative with me to try to figure out which side my placenta was attached to.. I guess I'll wait till my Anatomy scan... It'll just build up my excitment! :)

I have to go in for my second part of the exam to give blood on 09.05.13... The results from this would be combined with the measurements they took from my scan today to figure out if baby is doing well.  Because I just turned 35 the nurse suggested that I do the test not covered by my insurance rather then the standard testing.. the difference is that the results are more accurate.  I had a choice and I decided that I was going to take the regular bloodwork exam.  The results should not be any different in my opinion.  Hope I made the right decision... I hope that the results don't turn on me and give me a false result.  Not like it would change my opinion in any way.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

so we told our family about baby #2...

I decided to tell my parents first because Like always it would be nice to have their support.  We told them and they just said that's good and went to play with Leo.  We looked at each other and thought well that was very passive.  My thought is that they wanted to wait till I was a bit longer along in the pregnancy like 12 weeks as opposed to the 6 weeks.  Which I agree to that. 
My DH also wanted to tell his parents but I was more on the lines of wanting to wait till we get to a safer zone of about 12 weeks.  We'll he just belted it out while we had dinner with his parents and it ended up that his mom thought he was lying.. but then I confirmed it.  His dad on the other line showed no reaction... Not even a peep from his mouth that had any ounce of joy... Like he was deaf and didn't hear what we said... My thought is forget it... I don't need his approval or his affection or anything for that matter... I just feel awful that my DH has to deal with this.  It is his dad not mine...  How can I respect someone if I don't get that respect?

Friday, June 28, 2013

First Prenatal visit for Baby #2

So I had my first prenatal visit the other day. They did a pap smear for me because I was due for one and they said that the first prenatal visits they do one.... Then the midwife did a vaginal exam and asked me if my last menstral was regular?
I said
"...Well not exactly... My regular flow was April 2nd but then I spotted on May 16th for about 3-4 days but light brown not even a heavy flow. But I tested with an OPK on May30th and there was a positive "smile face" on my test to say I was ovulating... Then I tested on June 10 and the pregnancy test was negative but then waited till June 12th and tested positive!"
She told me that she could feel my uterus... apparently at the stage I was at in the pregnancy you should not be able to feel it yet. She said that it can be multiple things... My body didn't finish healing after baby 1... I could be further along then I think... I could be carrying twins!!!!
I have to get my blood tested today along with the progeterone test... then make another appt to see her in a week or two to discuss results...
It's a bit odd...
I forgot what she had said it was called... a tilted uterus.. an inverted uterus... something along those lines...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Leo just got promoted to "Big Brother"

I decided to tell DH indirectly that we are expecting a second baby by spelling out "Ma is Prego" on the alphabet mat.... (couldn't really figure out another way to phrase it since I had only one of each letter to work with..... )
So this morning he walks down and I had Leo on the mat... My husband walk back and forth.. on the mat and played with Leo a bit... Stood up and I took the picture saying I needed to take more pictures of baby and daddy....
He had no Clue!!!
So that night... I had to make subtle hints about how colorful the mat makes the room... I even made remarks about how Leo knows how to pop out the letters from the mat to make him look... still no idea.. Then I rearranged the letters to say "IM PREGO" and spaced the gap between them wider so that it looks like two words.. still oblivious.. THEN I seperated the words from the mat completely and pushed them to the middle of the hall and as he walked by he shoved them to the side to walk through because Leo normally rips the mats apart. I said to him you're not going to put the mat back together? Then he pieced the mats back together AND STILL NO IDEA!!!!! I shook my head and told him to look what he did.... then he finally realized!!! Not really how I imagined it would be like but he was excited about it.... I was laughing so hard that tears came out of my eyes!!!! Such a goof! Maybe mixed with emotions of being excited with him as well!
Now he looks back at the pictures and laughs every time!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My little baby is growing up so fast!

So Leo is a little more then 10 month!  He has hit so many milestones which I feel is right on the mark for his stage right now.  So far he's learned to climb stairs, use his pincher grips to feed himself his puffs, recognizes objects and gets them, walks with his push walker, sleeps through the night from 8pm to 6am ish!
I'm so proud of my little baby boy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AUGUST 8!!! DUE Date DAY!!!!

So I back posted this to August 8th even though it is June 2013 that I am typing this.  I made sure that I logged everything that was going on this day and from the transition of then and now I have changed phones and lost my log... So disapointed right now but I will try to remember what went on that day.....

5:30 am : I walked myself into the maternity Birth Center ... I was checked into one of the labor and delivery rooms and was given a gown to put on and get into bed to get all hooked up.  The room is small but al least I didn't have to share it with someone else.  The night shift nurse came in and tried to hook up my left arm to the IV but something just did not feel right.  I started to feel numbness and slight pain.  I asked if it was supposed to feel this way and they said that I shouldn't feel it at all.  Another nurse came in and told her that she should start another IV on my right... So now my left arm is sore and usless and my right is hooked up with the IV.  To me that was not a good sign to start off my morning.

8:00 am : Dr Milov walked in to do a quick run through of what was going to happen throughout the day.  He looked at my charts and said that I looked really good and that the baby's heartreate was good.  I didn't really need to get induced that day and could go home if I wanted... Meanwhile I was already in bed with the IV hooked up to me for the second time.  I was in complete shock because My husband and I were ready to have the baby... To throw a decision that I could go home and just come in to have the baby naturally was a curve ball to my plans.  Of course I would love to have the baby with out getting induced but we were already there and ready to go!  He gaves us some time to think it over and I did have a little break down because it was becoming all soooo real... We are having a baby today!

9:00 am : At this point the midwife Susie and her apprentice midwife Jasmine came.   They gave me the meds to induce the labor... This is a small pill that is inserted in the vaginal region and would slowly induce the labor process....

12:00 pm :  I started to feel minor contractions....

1:30 pm : The contractions were getting stronger and at this point I thought my water had broke.  I went to the bathroom and while I was in there my husband had changed the bed padding because it was wet but did not tell the nurse or myself about it so no one knew that it had broke.  Jasmine came in to check up on me and felt that there was no sack and said that my water broke!

2:30 pm :  The anestethiologist came in to give me my epidural... Let's face it... I'm not trying to be super woman.  At that point the contractions felt strong and were getting closer together...  It took about 2 contractions later that I did not feel major pain... I felt tugs but not ones were I felt knives were trying to punch their way out of my body!  I figured that I should rest up and try to take a nap because our world would change!

5:30 pm:  The midwife Jasmine came in to do her daily check up on me and asked how I was doing... I was very relaxed and as she was examining me she said that I was about ready to go... I'm thinking to myself... Really?  I think I was about 9cm diallated at that time....  The nurse came in to prep the tables and the heat lamp for baby... The mirror from the ceiling came down.. they adjusted the bed to the sturrips and low and behold my resting room turned into a delivery room!

5:45 pm :  Midwife Susie, Jasmine and the nurse were in the room to deliver baby boy... Husband was to the right of me gearing up to aid to my delivery....  At this point I felt the tugs from the contractions but honestly the nurse/ midwife had to tell me when to push.  We tried many techniques and the one that I found the best was to hold on the the bars on the side of the bed to pull myself to pushing if that makes any sense.. The grabbing of the towels was uncomfortable... the supports of my legs to my chest from the husband and midwife was awkward... 

6:40 pm:  I saw Midwife Susie leave the room only to come back with Dr Milov.... At the beginning of the whole process I had asked a question about the midwives doing the delivery... They said that they do all of the deliveries but the Dr's come in for the emergencies and C-sections....  When I saw him my heart sank in some way but still thriving on the high of trying to push my little one to the world.

7:02 pm : My little boy has arrived!!!  Jasmine was the one to deliver my son with the assist of Dr Milov.  However my husband told me that Dr Milov deliverd our son and Jasmine assisted.  I heard one cry and then he stopped.. The nurse flashed him real quick before my eyes and brought him to the heating table.  About ten nurses came in to assist along with the NICU dr.  I was so overwhelmed by the experience and was wondering why there were so many people in my room!  Jasmine was working on me still to stitch me up.... and what seemed like a long time to me.... I saw Dr Milov jump in to help stitch me back together... He told me "sorry it took a while you ripped pretty bad and it's like a puzzle peice"...   Really!!!!  Meanwhile... Leo was getting hooked up to an oxygen breathalizer and my husband was talking to the NICU Dr.... and my precious little boy was whisked away to the NICU.....

I was told that Leo came out with his right hand up and the cord wrapped around his neck and arm. 
I'm impressed at how well the staff acted and was able to make sure he had the attention he needed. 
Born on 8.8.12 at 7 lbs .03 oz and 21 in long

8:00 pm:  I was moved to the recovery floor in a wheel chair of course... I was in semi pain and my belly just felt so weird!  It was still huge as though I was pregnant. 

8:30 pm:  Family came to visit but I felt awful because we didn't have baby in the room with us...  He was in an incubater in the Nicu department and they only allowed the parents and one guest at a time to visit baby... My husband had to take each and everyone in to take a peek... I felt awkward because here I am in a room with no baby with me.  My mom, sister, her boyfriend, mother in law, father in law, younger brother in law, older brother in law, his wife and their son, their cousin and cousin brought a friend...too many people.. I think I would have felt better if my baby was with me... In the meanwhile I hear a baby crying in the next room over and they had the time to bond with their baby!