Friday, February 10, 2012

Tail bone pain and pregnancy

A few days ago I had a mild pain at my tailbone area. It would be discomforting to bend/ sit in certain ways. I really didn't think much of it and thought that in a few days it would pass... Until last night. Every time I would move around in bed my tailbone was so painful and getting out of bed to make my pregnancy bathroom trips was dreadful. Today... the pain has worsened and was told that during pregnancy as the uterus grows there would be some added pressure that would possible effect that area. I just happened to be the lucky one to get that pain... I was doing research and found that it is very common in pregnancy and is also known as Coccydynia. The pregnancy tailbone pain becomes more prominent usually during the second and third trimester. This is one pain that my pregnant friends did not tell me about nor did I know that it was probably to be expected. Hoping that this pain would not last throughout this pregnancy. I would love to enjoy being a pregnant lady without this added pain. But as long as this does not effect the baby (which they said it would not) then so be it and I will fight on through.


  1. You might consider seeing a chiropractor. I actually learned that my tailbone pain (which was excruciating) was my pelvis was misaligned. It only took a few visits and I went for horrid pain to feeling 95% better! Worth looking into!

  2. Thanks Maria! I love reading your comments! The pain actually subsided and is very mild. Hopefully it doesn't come back again!