Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Had my 1st ultrasound for baby #2!

On August 5, 2013 I had my first ultrasound which actually was for the Nuchal Translucency screening (a scan that helps determine the risk of baby having Down Syndrome).  Baby was so cooperative and was wiggling all over the place... I don't think Leo was this wiggly at this stage.  Baby #2 measured right where he/she needed to be at 11 weeks and 4 days with a heart beat rate of 161.  This is a really good sign because baby is growing at a good steady pace.  I tried to ask the ultrsound tech to give me a little sneak peek at the gender and to see where the placenta was attached to decide the gender according to the Ramzi Theory.  This theory is simple but should really be used around the 6 week ultrasounds.  If the placenta is attached to the left then it is girl and to the right is boy.  Be careful though... based on my web search I found a fellow poster that stated this....(Depending on which style of u/s you had done, can change the results. If you had an abdominal ultrasound, it is mirrored. So if your placenta is on the right, that actually means it's on the left (which would indicate GIRL). If your placenta is on the left, that means it's actually on the right (Which would indicate BOY).
If you had a transvaginal u/s, everything is exactly how it is in your uterus, so left placenta = GIRL and right placenta = BOY)

Bummer that my tech wasn't really cooporative with me to try to figure out which side my placenta was attached to.. I guess I'll wait till my Anatomy scan... It'll just build up my excitment! :)

I have to go in for my second part of the exam to give blood on 09.05.13... The results from this would be combined with the measurements they took from my scan today to figure out if baby is doing well.  Because I just turned 35 the nurse suggested that I do the test not covered by my insurance rather then the standard testing.. the difference is that the results are more accurate.  I had a choice and I decided that I was going to take the regular bloodwork exam.  The results should not be any different in my opinion.  Hope I made the right decision... I hope that the results don't turn on me and give me a false result.  Not like it would change my opinion in any way.

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