Friday, April 29, 2011

Recap of my progress.... (TMI)

This is just a recap of what my body is telling me... Would I understand this... not really and nor would I expect anyone else to.... I just needed to write everything down just make sense of the madness and hope that this will help other ladies that are going through a similar situation....
(Do not read any if you can't handle graphic details...)

My recap......
03.03.11 - had a natural miscarriage
03.11.11 - HCG=220; The bleeding stops

03.18.11 - started spotting
03.21.11 - HCG=19
03.25.11 - Started to temp; the spotting stops

04.08.11 - HCG=0; The spotting starts
04.10.11 - Considered as first day of cycle (much heavier then normal)
04.29.11 to present - Still spotting and worried... why is this spotting still here? (Don't answer that)

05.20.11 - First day on birth Control Pills (Beyaz)...
05.23.11 - Spotting stops... That's right... you followed that right.. I was spotting for about three weeks till this point....

06.08.11 -My cycle starts off very light
06.13.11 - My cycle is medium (I considered this day to be my start of the Flow)
06.15.11 - My cycle starts to be heavy
06.17.11 - Started my second month of BCP (Beyaz)
06.19.11 - Last day of my cycle

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