Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monitoring your Fertility?

So I came across this article that helps you (me) figure out how to figure out how this fertility charting works.....
This article was posted on WebMD at the following location:

BUT..... Here are a few points from that article that are good points to keep in mind....

A few things involved for fertility charting are:

  • Taking your basal body temperature,

  • Examinging your cervical mucas,

  • Noting when your menstrual period began and

  • Noting when you had sexual intercourse.

Tips for taking and understanding your BBT:

  • Begin taking your temperature on the first day of your period.

  • Take it about the same time everyday, preferably before you get out of bed in the morning.

  • Don't do anything-- eat, drink, smoke, or even move around before you take your temperature.

  • You can take your temperature however you want- orally, rectally, or vaginally- but make sure you use the same technique each time.

  • Write down your temperature every day on your fertility chart; you can make a graph with each day of your cycle on the bottom and temperature on the left, connecting the dots as you go.

  • Keep in mind that you will probably get some occasional freak readings - either high or low temperatures - that don't fit into the larger pattern. If they don't happen often, don't worry about them.
Days 1-5: Menstruation occurs
Days 6-9: Vagina is dry with little to no mucus
Days 10-12: Sticky, thick mucus appears, gradually becoming less thick and more white
Days 13-15: Mucus becomes thin, slippery, strechy, and clear, similar to the consistency of egg white whites. This is the most fertile stage.
Days 16-21: Mucus becomes sticky and thick again
Days 22-28: Vagina becomes dry

Keep in mind that your body cycle will probably differ from this pattern.

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