Monday, June 13, 2011

Does she want to be like me?

Maybe it's just me but I feel like my sister-in-law is trying to be like me. I'm not trying to say that I'm superior than anybody but when there are many things that are similar it freaks me out!
I hope that you don't judge me but I just need to get it out of my system.
It started out that my DH brother married his wife after meeting her for less then a month combined. They got married in the short period of time but none the less I was very happy for them. She came to the US and then I find out that her Birthday is two days before me (July 10th and mine is July12). So the birthday's could have been a bit more seperated. Then I find out that she is in a similar job related field. Then she started to get all touchy feelly over my DH (really get your paws off my man) I asked my husband if he realized it and he did but thought it was an Australian thing. So he told her that he felt uncomfortable. Really she should be touching her man and leaving mines alone. Then she started to dress my brother in law like my husband!!!!! For one.... my DH is more to age and his brother has his own style that when you see him dressed differently you startt o wonder. My borther in law was complaining about how his pants were fitting and that she had picked it out for him..... She told me that she and her DH were having issues and that they were not going to start a family anytime soon.... My DH and I announced that we were expecting ( this was before March before my MC) and we announced it by doing scrabblr like pieces and having them solve it to say "We're pregnant". She said "I was going to do this when I tell everyone that I'm pregnant!" (um... Yeah you were). We were so excited because this was going to the first grandkid on both sides of the family! Two weeks later I miscarried they announced at a family dinner that they were expecting... TWO WEEKS later after my loss!!!!! My miscarriage was still in my mind and she announced to everyone not even 6 weeks... I mean she didn't even have her ultrasound yet..... Maybe she would feel a little sensitive to my feelings... Guess not! She did say that she was not ready and that she had to resolve some issues with her husband... What happened to that? Maybe there is a little competition???? Or is it my evil side thinking this? She said to me...."you know... we weren't even trying" I was sooooo livid!!!! Go ahead and rub it in my face!
To add a cherry to the top of all this.... before the whole pregnancy ever happened we had a casual conversation of what we would name our kids.... I told her that we had already picked out a boys name and when we said it she said "I was going to name my son that!" (Oh Hell No.... Is Jayden really common????) So now fast forward to today.... she is going to find out the sex of her baby and if it's a boy I would like to see what she would name him..... Whatever happens.. boy or girl.... this will be mny niece/ nephew... and I can't hate that!
I can't believe that I can't brush this off my mind.. It's been three month but I still feel so bitter.....
Thanks for reading/ listening! I really needed to vent and let this all out or I would just burst!!!!

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