Friday, March 23, 2012

Expecting my Little Prince Charming!

My Little Prince Charming is coming in August!

He's blowing bubbles!!!!

His First Foot Print!

It's A Boy!!!!

We had our Anatomy scan on March 21,2012 which was a long time coming and we found out that we are going to expect our Little Prince Charming!!!!!

He had ten fingers and toes and had a healthy beating heartbeat at 150 bpm.... The sound of the beat was so reassuring! Nothing like it.....

As far as trying to find out the cause of the lower left abdomin spasm.... they did notice that my left ovary was slightly larger and that they considered my body frame to be small.... (love them for saying that) the ovary must have pinched a nerve which caused the spasm.... I guess I'll buy that for now. I know I'm feeling better each day and know that baby boy is doing well and that is all I need to get by.... :)

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  1. YAY! Little boys are wonderful! Granted I am a little biased but still... Congratulations!