Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I took my glucose test!

Cross my fingers that I passed...

I was watching what I ate in the past two days knowing that I was going to take the glucose test for gestational diabetes. Not sure if would do anything but that's just me and my thinking.

I was told that we can do this test between week 24 -28 weeks of pregnancy. I took mine at the midweek of my 24th week.

I had to drink 50 ml of this Fruit Punch drink within 5mins and wait an hour before they can take my blood... To be honest... I thought this drink was going to be awful but it was pretty good... I bit sweeter then the normanl drinks but none the less pretty good.

I got this tingling feeling afterwards though that I was on a complete sugar high!

So for you ladies going to take the test... that's what your going to expect....

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