Tuesday, July 2, 2013

so we told our family about baby #2...

I decided to tell my parents first because Like always it would be nice to have their support.  We told them and they just said that's good and went to play with Leo.  We looked at each other and thought well that was very passive.  My thought is that they wanted to wait till I was a bit longer along in the pregnancy like 12 weeks as opposed to the 6 weeks.  Which I agree to that. 
My DH also wanted to tell his parents but I was more on the lines of wanting to wait till we get to a safer zone of about 12 weeks.  We'll he just belted it out while we had dinner with his parents and it ended up that his mom thought he was lying.. but then I confirmed it.  His dad on the other line showed no reaction... Not even a peep from his mouth that had any ounce of joy... Like he was deaf and didn't hear what we said... My thought is forget it... I don't need his approval or his affection or anything for that matter... I just feel awful that my DH has to deal with this.  It is his dad not mine...  How can I respect someone if I don't get that respect?

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