Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little scare...(tmi)

I never experienced any spotting before I had my ultrasound and then noticed that after a few days I started getting brown spots. I let it go for a few days thinking that my cervix was irritated by the camera from the transvaginal ultrasound. I really thought that it would clear up and it would stop on it's own but in reality it did not. I scheduled an impromptu doctor's appointment ,2.17.11, for 4pm and was able to see a nurse. My Dr had already left for the day. She was going to give me a doppler reading to hear the heart beat but then said that I wouldn't hear anything because I was still too early. She took a cotton swab sample of my cervix and the swab showed a light brown color. She, "Sue", said that this is a good sign because brown equals old blood. If it was red then that might raise a level of concern. I then got to give 10 vials of blood for regular procedure for pregnancy and scheduled for my 10 week appointment and my NT for Down Syndrome at the Hospital. All so overwhelming because I really just came in to make sure that everything was alright. It had to be done.

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