Friday, February 11, 2011

Ultra Sound for the size and date...

Well I got the ok to get my ultra sound and I had my husband come with me for that extra support. They wanted me to come in with a full bladder so they said to drink at least 32 oz of water and not relive myself. It's supposed to help view the embryo clearly. I had two types of procedures done...(Maybe too much information)... a trans abdominal ultrasound where they place gel on your abdoman and view the baby through the monitor and than transvaginally where they stick a camera in your (you know where). This is supposed to get a closer look since the baby is still too small. I had thought I was 10 weeks but the nurse technician said that the baby measured at 7weeks and 3 days. The heartbeat was beating so fast at a rate of 169 heartbeats per minute which they say is completely normal. I was able to bring home my ultrasound snapshots and my husband filmed the heartbeat. It was a successful trip!

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