Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pre Natal Vitamin contents to look for....

So these prenatal vitmains are like Horse Pills and I have major gag issues. I was told that there were gummy prenatal vitamins that can be purchased over the counter but make sure that these measure up to the daily intake of vitamins that were doctor prescribed. I find that some over the couner brands lack the amount of iron or DHA.

I thought that this would help some of you of what to find what you need in prenatal vitmains.

Look for one that includes approximately:

400 mcg of folic acid
400 IU of vitmain D
200 to 300 mg of calcium
70 mg of vitamin C
3 mg of thiamine
2 mg of riboflavin
20 mg of naicine
6 mcg of vitamin B12
10 mg of vitamin E
15 mg of zinc
17 mg of iron

(The numbers can possibly change based on the additional information that I find)

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