Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More scares... (tmi)

I had the reassurance that I needed by going to see the doctor about my spotting. I didn't get a phone call from them which is a good thing because a call would raise a level of concern. Since then the color of my spotting was pinkish-red (02.21.11) and partly brown. This would occur off and on. I've read other blogs and other mommy to be's said that they too went to the doctor's and then leaving to know that their baby still had a healthy heartbeat. I probably should have called to just make that appointment to come in but it wasn't even a week since I last saw them. So I waited and it did get better. On 02.26.11, I passed a blood clot the size of a nickel. Once again the ladies on the forums had mentioned a similar story about blood clots, some much larger then mine and still had healthy heartbeats as their result after visiting the doctor so that put me at ease. The spotting seems to be a normal thing for me but how am I supposed to know? I see my Doctor for my scheduled 10 week appointment coming up on 03.04.11 so I think I can hold on till then. It's only a few more days. Hopefully I will get that reassurance from them that I have a healthy beating heart! I seem to need confirmation everyday because my fear of miscarriage is putting so much weight on my shoulders.....

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