Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ultrasound results are looking good....

I had my ultrasound testing done on Monday 03.14.11 to make sure that everything had passed and that I was ok internally. I know Ultrasound techs could not let us know what they see but I had to ask because I was so curious. Of course she didn't give me any information so I had to wait till I saw my dr today for the results.
The outlook was good. There was no trace of tissue (I can't remember the exact terms but pretty much it means that everything is clear). The only thing that I need to be concerned with was if my hcg/ beta levels would drop back down to zero. From my last blood test on 03.11.11 my levels were at 220. My next scheduled blood test is for 03.21.11 so hopefully time will help me.
What was explained to me was that once my hcg/ beta levels drop to zero my cycle should start in about 4 weeks. My doctor wanted me to wait for two cycles to even start trying to start a family.
Could I even wait? It seems that it's all about time these days....

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