Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A week has almost past...

One more day and it would be a week since my loss. A lot has happened emotionally and physically but I've learned to cope with it and move on. In a way I feel like I just let myself move on too quickly... But then how long am I supposed to grieve?
My doctor's office called me to say that my beta levels has dramatically reduced and that they want me to come in on thursday for another blood test. What I want from the blood test results are for my beta/HCG numbers to be zero. This is where I should be in order for my body to allow me to ever get pregnant again. Hopefully it won't take weeks for me to recover. (TMI... my bleeding has slowed down and hardly any clotting.) Which is a good thing because this would mean that my body has pushed out a majority of the tissue from the miscarriage. In order for them to know for sure I would have to have an ultrasound which I scheduled for next week, 03.14.011. The same place where I went two weeks ago for them to congratulate me for getting pregnant... :(

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