Monday, August 15, 2011

Still waiting for my turn...

So I'm still on the path to getting pregnant. My doctor really isn't helpful but I can't expect him to work miracles for me to have babies. It almost looks like a far dream of having a big family. Meanwhile, my sister in law asked me to help her baby shop since she has no clue what to do for her first expected child. I, still am waiting for my first too, but since I've done so many baby showers in the past she thought that I would be able to help her. I always thought that the next time that I go baby shopping for baby that it would be for me. Looking over my selfishness I agreed to go. I thought that it would be fun to shop for my nephew! The lack of interest that my sister in law had was such a drain that I kept thinking to myself why is she not wanting to buy the whole store!!!! I think I was more excited then she was!!!! It just gets me so angry. When will it be me...... We ended up not completing the baby trip because she was "too tired" and she didn't even buy anything! Not a darn thing...... two months and minus the days till she's due..... I know I would be so excited if it was me... I'm still waiting...... Hello Ovulation...... where in the world are you?

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