Monday, December 12, 2011

Betas are looking pretty good....

To much relief my numbers are looking pretty good. They say that the beta result should double every 48 hours....
So a recap of my beta numbers are:
11.28.11 = beta: 76 / progesterone: 20 (about 13 dpo)
12.02.11 = beta: 415 (about 17 dpo)
12.06.11 = beta: 2349 (about 21 dpo)
12.12.11 = beta: 20,012 / progesterone: 18.1 (about 27 dpo)

I have a scheduled blood work for progesterone result today so hopefully that number stays were it needs to. I'm still not out of the deep waters yet but I feel like I'm swimming closer to shore. I have an Ultrasound scheduled for this Friday to date the pregnancy. For some reason I fell like it's too early for that because I figure I'm at about 6 weeks today....Friday I would be 6 weeks and 5 days.... My SIL had her Ultrasound when she was about 9 weeks... I'm guessing that it would be best to find out early but with my last loss I started spotting a few days after the ultrasound which led to my miscarriage.... I know people say that the ultrasound should not effect the baby but I'm so nervous if this will happen again... I would be so upset.


  1. First off... YEA!!!!!! So excited for you! Second... you can certainly decline an ultrasound if you don't want it! It might give you some peace of mind to see your little peanut though! Either way, congratulations and prayers for continued wonderful news!

  2. Thank you Maria for your prayers and support! I really appreciate it tons! I think I will do the ultrasound to assure and ease my mind. :)