Thursday, December 22, 2011

Having second thoughts about my Dr.

Well I had my Ultrasound on 12.17.11 at a medical imagery lab to date the pregnancy. My DH went with me so that we can see the bean. I optioned out of the trans vaginal ultrasound because of the fear that the same thing would happen from the previous pregnancy/loss. Even though doing a trans vaginal would not cause any harm to the embryo the thought that I was spotting afterwards was horrible enough to try to react the moment. So we had the trans abdominal ultrasound and found the heart beat! The bean's heartbeat was 158 bpm and measured at 6 weeks 5 days... My DH was so excited that he walked up closer to the monitor to see it beat and the Tech ask for him to sit back down. He was taken back and said "... excuse me?" She said that he need to sit back down because she didn't like people looking over her shoulder. I think I got a bad tech that day because from the past experiences at that place and had great experiences... It's a shame that our happy moment was spoiled by this visit. She had also said that they do not let us hear the heartbeat.... I asked if it was because it was too early and she responded back by saying that it was a lawsuit issue and that they do not let clients hear the heartbeat at any stage.... REALLY!

So on 12.21.11, I had an appointment with my Dr to talk about the results and after waiting in the waiting room for one hour and a half I get called to the back and have my weight measured and the nurse asked me what I was in for... asked when my last menstrual cycle was... didn't take my blood pressure... Mind you that this is my fourth visit and I felt like this was my first visit... I waited again for 20 min for my Dr to come in without any of my records and looked tired and said in a laid back tone... "well... everything looks good...." long pause... I had to ask questions to proceed like how was the ultrasound results and he had to leave the room to get the records..... Then I asked what the next step was.... it was a bit frustrating but I guess for some they like that laid back type of Dr's... I just hate starting over trying to find "the" Dr but I will have to if I don't feel the connection.

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  1. It is so important to have a connection with your doctor. Especially because when it comes time to deliver you want to feel like this person really knows you and wants what is best for you. You don't want to have to worry that they didn't check their notes, is too tired, or isn't completely dedicated to you when it is your turn. Each appointment is like a practice for the big day. If your doc isn't interested in you, and you being his (or her) patient, then it is time to find someone who is. Just my opinion of course, but it is better to go on the search for "the" one now as opposed to when you are 30 weeks along and any new doctor won't have the benefit of getting to know you better from the beginning. But that aside... Congrats on hearing the HB and everything looking good!